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what you need to know for school admissions sept 2021

Solar Panels

Scheme offers residents savings on solar panels


The County Council is supporting a scheme to help residents cut their carbon emissions by installing high quality solar panels at a reduced price.

By installing solar panels and generating zero carbon electricity at home, the average household could reduce their annual carbon footprint by approximately one tonne each year and do their bit towards making the county carbon neutral. 

Throughout September, homeowners can register for Solar Together Sussex which uses a group buying approach to secure significant savings on solar panel installations by accredited contractors. The scheme is being run in conjunction with councils across Sussex and iChoosr, who are experts in group buying.

If you are interested you can register your interest in the scheme at Registration is free and there is no obligation to go ahead with an installation.

Once registration closes, pre-vetted, accredited installers will bid for the work. This approach helps to drive prices down and ensure that West Sussex residents get a high-quality solar PV system and save money.

If your house is suitable for solar panels, you will receive a personal recommendation outlining the cost and return on investment.

Cllr Deborah Urquhart, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We are committed to increasing the amount of clean energy generated in the county and reducing our carbon emissions. Although solar panels are now a common sight on homes and commercial buildings across the county helping us to reduce our impact on the environment, we want to speed up the roll out and encourage those people who have thought about generating clean energy to take the next step. We hope that the offer from Solar Together Sussex of a high-quality installation and a significant saving will do just that.”

For residents that already have solar panels on their home, Solar Together Sussex can also help with the installation of a battery storage system to store surplus energy for use when it is needed later in the day.

Go to for more information and details about how to register. When you register, you will need to provide some basic information about your roof, including a rough idea of its size and orientation, to find out whether your house is suitable for solar panels.

Update on rights of way

Please note WSCC has suspended the 15 month Inspection and Maintenance Cycle, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and is currently only taking action on Public Rights of Way where reported issues require work to ensure public safety on the network. Should any enquiries received not be of this nature it will be logged so it can be prioritised and addressed in the future when normal working practices are resumed. We are currently reviewing when we can re-start inspections in line with government guidance and ask you for your patience in dealing with issues that arise. It is also important to note that our summer clearance programme for surface vegetation has now begun on selected paths and is running between the 1st June and mid-August.


  • At this time it is important to remind people that public footpaths are for use by the public on foot only and cycling on these routes is a trespass against the landowner. This unlawful use risks conflict on the paths themselves and considerable challenges for people trying to keep the necessary 2m apart whilst enjoying the countryside.


  • It is also important to note that landowners are responsible for any side vegetation encroaching onto the path and any structures on the PROW network, such as stiles and gates. If appropriate to do so please contact the landowner, if known, directly to make them aware of the issue but if not you can continue to report such issues by following the link below.


  • A final reminder is the need to ensure good hygiene when using the PROW network including regular hand washing along with social distancing in line with government advice.


reopening recycling centres from 11th May 2020

further information

Starting School - September 2021-2022

Please see below the link to the consultation on our Admission Arrangements for September 2021/22 which has gone live today. (16/12/2019) 

We are proposing to make a change to the catchment area for the residents of Kilnwood Vale Development, give priority to children of staff and to give priority to children placed under a Special Guardianship Order who have not previously been in local authority care. 

The consultation will close on 31 January 2020. Responses should be sent to

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